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Global Virtual Travel Association (GVTA) was established as a hub that encourages participation of the broader 'global' community on the internet.  The virtual aspect of our service is aimed towards collectively utilizing common technologies in the marketplace to educate visitors.  This allows for immediate access to information and is driven by traveling 'on the go' individuals (local or otherwise).  The backbone of this association is represented by community establishments that electronically provide more details about their offerings to prospective patrons.  Our "Tour Main Street" (TMS) membership is a principle establishment service of GVTA.  This $199 annual membership* provides for a "quick response" effect for both buyers and sellers.  TMS is conducive to the growing mobile technology industry, social media, business video, new internet methodologies, and, the advent of future information technology.  GVTA offers remote training, development, education, information, savings, and, greater overall economic benefits.  Our focus is local, yet our reach is global.

The Local Internet

GVTA is a creation of Local Computerizes Services (LCS).  LCS is a business development, marketing, consulting, and technology company.  Our focus is local, first!  A main goal of LCS is the creating of locally focused ecosystems (the local internet) to enable improved relationships between local buyers (residents) and sellers (establishments).  GVTA was created by LCS with the distinct purpose of establishing an open system across the internet.  Although LCS is creating locally focused online communities, the entire world has access to them.  Therefore, our reach is global due to the impact of the vast internet itself.  We never charge internet visitors to access our sites.  Research of our communities can be conducted from anywhere in the world.  GVTA establishment members have the ability to provide detailed information about their establishment offerings.  For the vast majority of our members, the local community is a priority market (especially for small "Main Street" businesses).  Thus, we have created the concept of the "local internet" to allow for greater interdependent (establishment & patron) support at the local level.  Our composition is developed on a community by community basis.  We strive for 100% local participation of residents & establishments of each interdependent local ecosystem.

The Local Ecosystem

Although our sites have a global reach, we are purposely developing local networks (online and in person) for an improved spirit of cooperation between establishments and residents.  We refer to this concept as the "Local Ecosystem" recognizing that local establishments and residents are interdependent of each other.  The effect is that a smaller micro version of the internet now exists.  Each network is promoted locally by the entire community.  Therefore, we have established a local internet platform based on the needs of an interdependent local ecosystem.  Whether online or in person, visitors now have the ability to conduct meaningful research on a smaller 'home town' community basis.  Local development, training, local interaction & education promotes improved local commerce.  If patrons know it exists "down the street" they'll save time, money and effort.  Thus, we are creating electronic "virtual" representations of the actual community.  Therefore, as GVTA members link with our local sites, they primarily market directly to a specific demographic.  Many of our local features are FREE and 100% community participation is encouraged for maximum effect.  Our regional sites automatically provides extended marketing reach at no additional cost to GVTA members.  Thus, nearby internet visitors (within a 50 mile radius) also conduct smaller community research.   Users conduct research prior to a personal visit, or, generally want to learn more about a region.  By thinking "local" first, the entire ecosystem benefits in the long run.

Business Video

The idea is to maximize exposure.  Most importantly, the advent and growth of Business Video has opened the way for the internet to compete directly with well established methods of education, training, marketing and business development.  We are helping to level the playing field for "Main Street" establishment to prosper an grow.  Customized business video is the next "big thing" as a foundation business tool and its ideal for businesses of all sizes (including home based).  As internet speeds increase, business video will grow exponentially.  GVTA advocates as to how a community of multimedia presentations (including business video) creates a virtual travel effect.  Business video is the fastest growing method in which internet users are being educated in our modern day.  What's more, mobile technology (along with social media) is driving the growth of how video is becoming a major method of entertainment and communication with people around the globe.  Our $199 TMS membership link* comes with a customized business video at no additional cost.  We also provide a QR (quick response) code to be included on all future marketing materials for easy mobile access.

Mobile Technology & Social Media

The GVTA concept of Virtual Travel is initially expressed through multimedia presentations of entities within local communities.  Mobile Technology is now driving the worldwide growth of the internet.  However, the greatest benefit can be realized on the local level.  Our communications platform is conducive to computers, mobile technology, and, social media outlets.  With the recent increase in speeds, our webpages and videos are easily viewed on smartphones, tablets, and, other electronic devices.  Also, links can be created to send visitors to GVTA member locations on our site via Social Media.  And, we can link to establishment social media accounts and exiting websites.  Our ability to create 'networks of technology links' make it possible for internet visitors and establishments to better connect.  The GVTA objective is to provide a quick response platform that saves time, money & effort for residents, and, promote economic growth for establishments.  Therefore, serving as a hub on information technology, we strive to get entire communities involved with the business development and "Main Street" education on what's truly local.  By means of our virtual component, not only can residents find and support establishments 'down the street', the entire hometown community may grow closer as a result of this improved educational resource.  Thus, the GVTA virtual reality of electronic media provides for a lasting benefit to all.

Quick Response Technology

Quick response is a GVTA methodology of combining several communication tools on the internet into one resource.  It works to the benefit of members (principally called establishments) and internet visitors (principally called residents).  In fact, all those accessing our system will appreciate the convenience of rapid interaction for things of interest.  For example, our "Tour Main Street" (TMS) annual membership automatically includes "quick response" tools.  As a basic setup, this is represented by what's referred to as a "referral page" on one of our regional sites.  Referral pages are aimed primarily toward connecting establishments with residents.  This is business development technology.  They can be used as a stand alone web presence for an establishment, or, we will gladly include a link to an existing website or social media (and vice versa).  Referral pages include concise content for internet visitors to learn exactly what establishments are offering (i.e. products and services).  A digital photo album, business video, and, an online response form (once completed and sent to a designated email account), provides for a basic yet efficient "quick response" involving both visitors and establishments.  Within literally seconds, a connection can be made that results in a meaningful transaction and lasting relationship between two parties.  Visitors benefit from the quick response of viewing meaningful content instantly (via computer or mobile device).  Establishments benefit from a quick response when receiving completed electronic reply forms to their email account.  As they also quickly respond to those inquiries (with the purpose of serving a prospective patron), establishments seek to build local relationships and increase profits or encourage greater prosperity.

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You become a member of Global Virtual Travel Association (GVTA) by purchasing a renewable "Tour Main Street" (TMS) membership for only $199.  As a new member, you'll provide Local Computerized Services (LCS) with the digital images required to build your photo album and business video.  With your content submission, we'll have your referral page (including your email linked response form) up and running quickly!  Join GVTA today through your paid TMS membership by clicking on the button below.  Thank you.


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