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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our weekly blogs.  All sponsors who are "Tour Main Street" (TMS) members receive significant sponsor discounts.  The TMS annual membership fee is only $199 and your first 90 days as a blog sponsor is FREE!  Please click the button below to apply online as our sponsor (include a sales code if you know it).

What You Get

Quick Response Technology!


By linking your web presence to our search engine for only $199, you'll gain new elements of online exposure throughout our region at no additional cost.*  We make internet marketing more valuable by providing quick response technology that's free with your paid TMS membership.  Your paid link to our service qualifies you for a FREE referral page on our regional site, a customized FREE business video, a FREE digital photo album of your offerings, a FREE response form (sent securely to your designated email account), and, a FREE smartphone QR code, to name a few benefits.


The Local Internet & Ecosystem


We refer to our concept as the Local Internet because we're establishing an all inclusive locally focused search resource online. This is a local ecosystem because residents and establishments are interdependent upon each other for the overall prosperity of the local economy.  Residents use our technology as a research tool at no cost, and, 100% of all establishments "list" for FREE with basic information.  However, establishments can join "Tour Main Street" for only $199 and provide vital specifics for visitors to conduct meaningful research, make a purchase, make a personal visit, and, much more.


Quick Response For All


Our technology provides for a quick response in two primary ways.  First, internet & mobile technology users are busy and want instant information.  Your referral page on our site provides the right amount of concise, accurate information about your offerings.  With our customized digital multimedia presentation of your establishment, busy people get the exact message that you want them to have as a quick response.  Second, establishments will gain ready to buy qualified prospects who respond by completing the online form that's embedded in your page.  This quick response provision goes directly to your email for a quick response back to them.  Its fast & easy!


*The referral page is a stand alone web presence.  However, if you already have an existing web presence, we'll be happy to include a link to that site.  Member listings are highlighted on the local search engine.

General Contact Information

Local Computerizsed Services, LLC

Website:  www.localcomputerizedservices.net

Local Awareness

Small Business Profiles

"Tour Main Street"

Learn more about the jewels in small town USA.  Visit our "Tour Main Street" section of this site to view specific small business information.  We help to keep the figurative "Main Street" strong in your local community.  Support your local establishments in your immediate community.

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