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A place for for the kids   By, Charlie Surida


The Alexandria boys and girls club was founded in 1906 and has gone through more recently than a cosmetic makeover. The culture is changing for the better. A strong point in the positive movement . Making sure our kids are accounted for and will be the best them. The vibe is comfortable safe and inviting. Friendly faces some of the staff being members themselves when they were growing up feeling a certain connectedness to the community Kids ranging from 6 and up have a place to learn grow play and have basic living skills instilled in them. From the library, the gym, the game room there is plenty to keep the kids busy after they finish their homework. Structure. Leadership clubs and a knowledgeable staff  with safety being the first priority. Newly appointed Director Alston Waller puts an emphasis on this and has a passion to help the kids grow into great young adults and it shows. Waller,31 is highly involved with the community and the youth any given time you can walk in and he’ll be in on the basketball court helping them get that jumper right or at the table showing the correct way to solve that math problem. (


Its an overall positive vibe that I think is necessary in this day and age. The streets can be a negative parent to our wide eyed full of potential youth. The boys and girls club of Alexandria gives hope build’s structure and provides a safe environment without biased judgment for all people. There is power In unity. The boys club shows the kids through support, action and believing in them wholeheartedly . The culture there lets the kids know they can be whatever they want with consistent effort and a positive mindset. My son is a member there and they recently attended a field trip to flight trampoline park in Springfield. He just cant stop smiling as he’s telling me all the fun stuff they did, how he was happy he got to go with his friends. It builds and certain cohesion to friendship bonds. To have that and incorporate that same thing into you social skills puts them on the right path to succeed. The community thanks you. Us as parents thank you. Alexandria Thanks you. Hope comes in all shapes and forms. We found it in a place for our kids to be safe right in old town.  Keep up the great work!


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A waterfront to remember  By, Charlie Surida


Alexandria’s Old town district is a must see! Oozing with historic value and is full fun attractions for the family, couples or a tourist trying to adventure. King street is is like the mainline to a hidden gem of art galleries, restaurants and a plethora of stores to suit needs from jewelry to keepsakes. Ride the free trolley and just listen,the audio takes you on a journey as you head to the waterfront. Other tours ghost tours by foot sightseeing by boat among various others. The 18th century architecture will tease the eyes and enthrall you. King street at nights with lights illuminating the way will amaze you. I mean this is the downtown district that has been rated the #1 on the list of top 10 downtown areas edging out Santa Monica California ( Impressive, but even more when you experience the great energy and vibes.


The nightlife will surprise you a nice diverse mix of people and place to kick back rather its karaoke night , a business meeting or grabbing a drink to catch up with some old friends. Make sure to get a glance of the Monument, the  neighboring National harbor and soon to open MGM casino. Make sure you stop by the Torpedo Factory a former World War II torpedo plant which has be renovated into 82 artist studios and six galleries.( See their work buy their work and talk to the artists. The farmers market will have you being a chef in the kitchen with a variety of meats, breads, cheeses and more. A tradition that has been around since George Washington’s era. Don’t be surprised if Old town Alexandria turns you from a tourist to a resident it can have that effect on people. Bring your pets, bring your family, bring your curiosity. There are ghost trails , museums and beautifully designed public parks to keep your day interesting. Boat rides to art classes. See what many have experienced. A little piece of heaven tucked away in an unforgettable waterfront called old town.

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