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Pollos Inti II  by, Cyd Vicious


Located in a neighborhood shopping center, Pollos Inti II settled on Leesburg to open their second store. When I was a resident of Sterling, I never stopped at the establishment; pollo la brasa is mighty repetitive in this area. Directly across the street and in walking distance of the Sycamore Hill development, this Latino luxury sticks out like a sore thumb in a world of fast food and gives residents a genuine taste of Latin culture. Serving up traditional Salvadorian and Peruvian fare, this family owned treasure allows you take a palatable vacation while only minutes from home. My last rendezvous there I chose the “Cabrito al la Norteña” which is a tender goat stew seasoned with an abundance of cilantro and garlic and served up with pinto beans and rice. This succulent, hefty meal was a great steal for $13.59. Hell, a pack of fresh goat from the grocery store costs nearly the same. Save yourself the strife of labor and the headache of food preparation. Another classic favorite of mine are their pupusas. The magic of the frijol y queso will certainly have you coming back like some sort of fiend. With the inclusion of their picante curtido (Salvadorian cabbage salad) and the delicious tomato sauce, about three of them stands to be quite the economic meal in itself. There’s always S!%t on the other side of sugar though, unfortunately; and not everything that has tickled my taste buds has been great. One of my all time favorite soups is sopa de mondogo and their concoction wasn’t the savory, steaming goodness I’m used to. Mondongo is a working mans favorite and like many other popular dishes today, derived from folks using the cheap, throw away pieces of animals; particularly tripe. Mixed with fresh vegetables and lime, it’s normally a soul warming bowl of beauty. Now, while Pollos Inti’s version has achieved the correct tenderness of the tripe, the broth itself is very bland. I find myself having to bring it home and doctor it up to my taste bud’s liking almost every time I order it; having a slight glimmer of hope that someone maybe might drop some extra salt in the pot. In all there is way more good than bad, and I respect the family owned, small business model as long as the product delivers. And deliver they do.


So, if time permits, mosey yourself over on to Pollos Inti II at 544 Fort Evans Road NE, Leesburg, VA 20176. Call in your order, dine in, even order your carry out online to avoid the waiting game.  The staff is friendly and works with you while ordering if your Spanish is lack luster. And always remember loves, eat your heart out!


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