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(Note: Postings, comments and discussion threads found on this site represent the views of independent writers and are not the opinions of Local Computerized Services or any of its employees).

Local Community Focused

Our locally focused regional website has established this recreation & events section for smaller individual communities in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.  As we add communities, please be on the lookout for your immediate community and the recreation & events information that interests you the most.  We'll be reporting on social events, business events, recreational facilities & events, local clubs, festivals, parades, and, other interesting recreation & events topics.  The idea is to keep you informed on local happenings through collective comments of site visitors.


Local Food & Dining Blogs

Our objective is to create local recreation & events discussion threads (conversations) by means of blogs posted by our local recreation & events reporters on this site.  These non-political, non-controversial, clean discussions are designed to stimulate upbeat and encouraging recreation & events talk in the immediate local community.  Our local recreation & events reporters are out and about in the community looking for interesting topics to post on the weekly blog for the immediate local community.  Included in this search for local information will be any dealing with social events, business events, recreational facilities & events, local clubs, festivals, parades, and, other interesting recreation & events topics.


Community Participation

All those visiting our site are invited to join in on the conversation.  However, participation (posting comments) is not a requirement.  As a contributor, you may know of some interesting recreation & events news that you can share with the entire local community through our site.  As an entire group of participants, we keep the local community fully educated on what's happening locally on the recreation & events scene.  Visit often and comment (or just read) as much as you like.  Our only requests (in order to have your comments posted) is to keep it clean, it must be non-political, and, non-controversial.  Otherwise, we want to know what's on your mind.


Help Wanted - Local Recreation & Events Reporters

We are looking to supply each smaller community with a local recreation & events enthusiast that's willing to make a good part-time income.  All reporters are novice free lance writers and they are considered to be independent contractors (not LCS employees).  To learn more about the job description and your income potential, simply click on this link and fill out our online application.  Simply put, you must "love" all kinds of recreation & events and "love" your immediate local community in order to be one of our local recreation & events reporters.

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