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"Virtual Cities" is our YouTube channel that we supplementally upload business videos for additional visability.  Global Virtual Travel Association (GVTA) is an establishment membership service created by Local Computerized Services.  The principle service of GVTA is called "Tour Main Street" (TMS).  In becoming a member of TMS, establishments qualify for GVTA benefits.  Virtual Cities is a sub-product of GVTA of which TMS members receive a FREE business video.


We create and publish all business video's as a result of our computerized services.  Our Web Radio Ad Presentation (WRAP) and all other business video products are designed for "outstanding local coverage" with multimedia recordings to promote locally based establishments.  This creates a virtual travel effect for each smaller local community.  Click on the button below for more information by means of our YouTube channel.

Web Radio Ad Presentations (WRAP)

Virtual Cities is our YouTube channel that we supplementally host our Web Radio Ad Presentations ("WRAP") videos.  Our initial hosting of all business video's is on our own technology.  In fact, we create your professionally made business video and launch it on our own sites.  However, at your request, we can also include your new Webcard on our YouTube channel for even more visability.


What is a WRAP?

Think or our WRAP business video service as a 30 second TV commercial that's located on the internet.  This very simplified version of a Webcard can be created from a single digital image.  We'll add voice description of your establishment (provided by you), along with our professional background music.  Further, since we utilize mp4 technology, these business video's are also smart phone friendly.  In fact, we provide all "Tour Main Street" members with a QR scan code, taking viewers directly to the video that's located/housed on our site.  That QR code can thereby be used for all futhre marketing efforts that take smart phone visitors directly to your internet TV commercial.  Include your QR code on business cards, letterhead, flyers, posters, newspaper ads, and, in other traditional marketing ways.  The idea is to get you message into the hands of people who are "on the go".

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We'll create a business Webcard for your establishment at no additional cost when you subscribe as a paying member to our "Tour Main Street" (TMS) local eMarketing program for only $199.  This locally focus marketing program is designed to help promote your establishment in the immediate locally community through multimedia presentations.  We'll also upload your newly created video to our YouTube channel for FREE!  Your TMS membership qualifies your establishment for additional local marketing benefits.  And, we'll automatically build a business profile for your establishment on our local "Tour Main Street" section for the broader eMarketing region.  This is FREE expanded online marketing for your establishment for the nearby communities that are beyond just your immediate location.


What are Webcards? 

Our Webcards are smart phone friendly movies that are from 30-60 seconds in length and are custom made for your establishment.  We utilize mp4 technology to combine digital images (including motion video), voice descriptions, and, background music to create a professionally made internet TV commercial for your establishment.  When you join our "Tour Main Street" eMarketing program for your specific local community, you will qualify for a Webcard at no addition cost.


Which do you prefer - a WRAP or Webcard video?

Our WRAP video's are designed for a short 30 second message using a single digital image.  Whereas, our Webcards are longer 30-60 second TV commercials (located on the internet) that may include several digital images and/or motion video.  Which type of business video is best for your specific needs?  It all really depends on the message that you like to convey.  Either format provides specific and concise information that leads patrons directly to your establishment.

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Learn more about the jewels in small town USA.  Visit our "Tour Main Street" section of this site to view specific small business information.  We help to keep the figurative "Main Street" strong in your local community.  Support your local establishments in your immediate community.

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