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This site provides the local and nearby community with an easy means to conduct virtual travel shopping with any internet capable device.  Mobile technology makes it even easier to find out more about what's local that you want and need.  We utilize a "quick response" platform.  Buyers conduct research online before making a personal visit.  Sellers are able to post their property here so that more shoppers can locate what they've always been looking for.  Find your dream automobile, home, property, or any other item by checking this area of our site regularly!

Sell Your Property

Want to sell your property quickly?  Use our easy and affordable virtual travel service called Classifieds That Talk (CTT) to provide potential buyers with an impressive presentation!  CTT will work for you 24/7.  All you need to do is make a $75 investment and provide us with 5-10 digital pictures.  We'll create a 30-60 second TV commercial on the internet about your property.  What's more, we are providing you with a "sales campaign" for your property.  Learn more by downloading the attached flyer.

Talking Classifieds

"Classifieds That Talk" is a unique way to grab attention easily and sell your property quickly.  We create a TV commercial of your property to help you sell it quickly.  Through mp4 technology, we add voice, description and music to digital images that'll really highlight the features of your classified ad.  We'll provide you with a customized QR scan code so that smart phones users can view your video on all internet capable devices 24/7.  We also provide you with a poster/flyer with a description and QR code.  This is a virtual service for a customize sales campaign for your equipment.

Our quarterly rates are very reasonable

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Want to promote a business or service in your immediate local community?  We'll help you to advertise online with a banner linked to your existing web presence.  Or, if you need a web presence or Webcard, we'll be happy to assist you.


Our quarterly rates for establishments who wish to advertise on our site are very reasonable for local, district, regional and area advertising.  Simply click on the above picture to get more specifics of how affordable our advertising can be for your marketing budget!

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Learn more about the jewels in small town USA.  Visit our "Tour Main Street" section of this site to view specific small business information.  We help to keep the figurative "Main Street" strong in your local community.  Support your local establishments in your immediate community.

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