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Our "Tour Main Street" (TMS) presentation is designed to feature local and nearby establishments who wish to help make your online research experience more meaningful.  We want to take you on an electronic virtual tour of establishments located "down the street" in the local community.  This will help to introduce you to new options available, and, give you an opportunity to better support the local business community.  This is a "Quick Response" technology service designed to give you immediate information so that you can make a purchasing decision, personal visit, or both.


Local establishments of any size can "Link" to our site to join TMS for only $199 annually.  When you do, you also get a FREE Business Video and a FREE Referral Webpage.  Get more details on how our "Quick Response" service helps you to become more prosperous (see below).


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What You Get for $199
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What You Get

We "link" your site to ours.  Your "Tour Main Street" (TMS) membership of only $199 annually represents a LINK to our local internet technology.  As a member, you will receive our FREE "Quick Response" service at no additional charge (see below).  We link your web presence to our immediate local and area online communities so that you can be found by local and nearby visitors.


New Web Presence

As you link for only $199, you get a FREE business video, a FREE referral page (that includes a quick response form & digital photo album), a FREE listing in the local search engine, and, a FREE smartphone scan code.  These FREE "extras" help to serve as a new web presence for your establishment and will include a link your exiting site, if you have one.


Quick Response

To help you understand our concept, view your TMS link as comparable (in design) to the unique number assigned to a telephone.  This is an industry changing quick response technology service for internet & mobile users to access in real time.  Finding out valuable and specific information about your establishment as quickly as possible is the purpose of our technology.  And, its designed for greater prosperity for your establishment.  Essentially, people are busy and want our condensed yet accurate & immediate resource for reliable information.


FREE Business Video

Join "Tour Main Street" (TMS) as an establishment member and get your FREE smartphone friendly business video and a QR code so that mobile phone users can get instant information about your establishment on their smartphone!  Simply click here to join.


FREE Referral Webpage

Along with your paid TMS "Link" membership comes a FREE Referral webpage web presence.  Member establishments receive this web presence at no additional cost when they join TMS for only $199.  Click here to see an example in how our eMarketing services work together to open new doors of opportunity for your establishment in the immediate local community.  Even if you already have a web presence, these eMarketing tools can help your establish gain more patrons.


Embedded Features

This quick response technology provides the right amount of information to lead many more patrons to your establishment.  With your unique information towards this cause, we'll create and embed your business video onto your referral page.  We'll also create and embed a digital photo album representing your offerings.  Additionally, we'll embed a customized response form that instantly sends inquiries to your designated email account as they are submitted.


Internet Technology, "Special Offers"

Our TMS members gain valuable information technology features.  For example, if you have a coupon or a special offering, we can include that information in electronic form as a file attachment on your FREE referral page (i.e. brochure of your services, menu, rate card, flyer, etc.).  Join "Tour Main Street" today for only $199.

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"Tour Main Street"

Learn more about the jewels in small town USA.  Visit our "Tour Main Street" section of this site to view specific small business information.  We help to keep the figurative "Main Street" strong in your local community.  Support your local establishments in your immediate community.

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