How It Works

The "Local Internet"

Local Computerized Services (LCS) is building the "local internet" in smaller local communities.  The purpose for this standardized technology is to highlight what's actually available locally for residents in each smaller immediate community.  The internet itself has gotten too big for smaller communities to benefit greatly.  Therefore, our goal is to educate local residents, and, to level the playing field for local establishments.  There is no cost for local residents to conduct research, or, for local establishments to "list" on the local internet.


Local Search Engines

Simply put, if people know you exist, they can better patronize your establishment.  Therefore, LCS proposes to list 100% of all establishments in the local community for FREE.  This ongoing effort also includes home-based businesses.  A simple FREE listing consists of the establishments name, address (or virtual office), and, phone number.  Additionally, each establish is encouraged to proactively submit 5 keywords for FREE to be added to their listing for better local search purposes.  Click here to submit your FREE listing.

Local Residents

The "local search engine" will identify what's available "down the street" so that local residents can save time, money, and, energy/effort by purchasing what they want and need in their immediate hometown community.  Therefore, local residents not only help themselves tremendously, they also more fully support their local community.


Local Establishments

Clearly, this concept helps to "keep local dollars local".  And, that's beneficial to local establishments because they are able to better prosper and grow.  This service also creates an effective means to market specifically and directly to the local community.

"Tour Main Street" Membership

Establishments may provide much more detail to their FREE listing on the local search engine by becoming a "Tour Main Street" (TMS) member for only $199 per year.  TMS is a marketing plan for establishments of all sizes and types.  In addition to getting your own profile on this site, you'll link to your existing URL (domain name) so that internet visitors can "drill down" for specifics about your establishment.  You will also get a "Webcard" internet movie created by LCS at no additional cost when you become a paying TMS member.  This Webcard is "smart phone" mp4 technology that's housed on our system.  Therefore, we provide you with a QR code (quick response scan) for a window display, and, for all future marketing materials.  Your internet movie can be viewed on smart phone technology 24/7.  And, we'll even add your Webcard movie to our YouTube channel.  Click here to learn more about "Tour Main Street".

The "Local Ecosystem"

We call this relationship between local residents and local establishments the "local ecosystem" effect because local residents and establishments are interdependent upon each other.  In fact, although this service is managed by LCS, it is developed by the local ecosystem itself.  In short, all local residents and establishments are invited to work as "one team" to create unique online representation of each community.  This service is non-political and non-controversial.  There is no special interest involved.  Therefore, it becomes a neutral platform in which the "local ecosystem" can promote itself electronically in a "team effort" to the world.  Please contact us directly for more information about our services.

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Local Awareness

Small Business Profiles

"Tour Main Street"

Learn more about the jewels in small town USA.  Visit our "Tour Main Street" section of this site to view specific small business information.  We help to keep the figurative "Main Street" strong in your local community.  Support your local establishments in your immediate community.

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