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Welcome the website designed to bring you better information about smaller local communities throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC area.  It is our intent to break down VirginiaMaryland and DC in a way that smaller local communities are well represented in electronic form online.  This virtual travel concept is driven by our "Tour Main Street" approach which represents 100% of all local establishments through basic local search engines.







Global Virtual Travel Association (GVTA)

Our objective is to provide you with an electronic version of establishments and communities so that you can perform meaningful research with any internet capable device.  Our approach includes the growing mobile and social media markets.  Learn how GVTA works for you!

Businesses & Entities

We are developing a search and virtual travel service that is aimed towards helping "Main Street" businesses and other entities.  We accomplish this primarily by listing 100% of all establishments as one unit or team online.


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Local & Nearby Residents

Our service is designed to help local and nearby internet users to get better information about their immediate local communities.  Whether conducting research from home or using a smart phone while on the go, we're making it possible for you to get what you need fast!


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Connecting Buyers & Sellers

By conducting research before making a purchase of visit, folks are able to save time, money and energy/effort.  Local and nearby residents as well as those who travel to these areas are now able to take more of a laser beam approach with their plans.  They use this service to get the most out of their days.  Establishments are now better able to provide the information that internet users seek.  People who are ready to buy are now able to find everything they need "down the street" while supporting local commerce.  Its a win-win situation for al

FREE Business Video

Join our "Tour Main Street" eMarketing service today for a FREE business video Webcard (see example below).  This smartphone friendly technology will put your small business on the map.  It may also help you to gain a preferred listing with Google and other popular marketing services.

Local Search Engines

The Capital Area

Consists of Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland and Washington, DC.  Small businesses and other entities depend on local patronage whether the community is in the middle of a big city, located in the suburbs, or, in rural communities.  Both residents and visitors need information that helps them save time, money and energy.

The "Local Internet" Concept

Although the internet continues to grow by leaps and bounds, in many ways it has already become to big to best serve local communities.  That's why we're breaking the internet down to smaller segments that represent smaller local communites more effectively.  This also establishes a unique marketing platform that helps those figurative "Main Street" smaller businesses to better grow and thrive.  In fact, all local businesses and other entities are better served through our local internet concept.


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Beyond Local

Another unique feature of our website is that we link nearby communities together.  Internet visitors are now able to make fascinating new discoveries that go far beyond their initial objective of a strictly local search.  They can jump to nearby local communities or visit online districts to find out exactly what they need to know about each location.  The residual effect is that more communities are promoted, and, thus benefited.  Ultimately, the bottom lines of member communities and their establishments enjoy additional patronage from online or in-person visitors.  But, most of all, internet users find what they are looking for.

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"Tour Main Street"

Learn more about the jewels in small town USA.  Visit our "Tour Main Street" section of this site to view specific small business information.  We help to keep the figurative "Main Street" strong in your local community.  Support your local establishments in your immediate community.

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